Yellow Kite Compass

Yellow Kite Compass is a monthly two-hour program during which children of all ages come together in order to learn and practice social skills and emotional regulation abilities in a dynamic group setting.  Within one week of each group, parents will be provided with a Navigation Plan for their child. The Navigation Plan summarizes teachings and activities from the group and provides an Individual Profile highlighting your child’s successes and strategies for growth.

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Yellow Kite Toolbelt

Yellow Kite Toolbelt Seminars are ninety minute parenting workshops offered quarterly throughout the year. Each Toolbelt Seminar focuses on a unique parenting skill and the list of upcoming topics is available on our website. At the conclusion of each seminar, parents will receive a Strategies and Solutions Package summarizing key concepts and strategies discussed during the presentation. Parents are encouraged to pre-register for sessions that may be of interest to them.

Our upcoming sessions:

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