Yellow Kite's Cancellation Policy

We absolutely understand that, life being the way that it can be(!), there are times when late cancellations and missed appointments are inevitable. While we really do try to be reasonable and sensitive in our application of the following policies, we thank you for your cooperation during those times when these policies are acted upon.


More than 2 business days’ notice: No charge!
Less than 2 business days’ notice: 50% of appointment fee
Less than 1 business day’s notice: 100% of appointment fee

Missed Appointments

Not arriving for a scheduled appointment: 100% of appointment fee

In the case of off-site appointments, the appointment fee also includes travel time. In the event of a late cancellation or missed appointment fee, travel time will automatically be calculated as a minimum of one hour. Off-site appointments scheduled outside of Calgary city limits may be subject to a higher travel charge.


No problem. Email us at or call us at 403-509-3250.