Individual treatment, or counselling, is a process through which children, adolescents, and families discuss successes and challenges and learn strategies aimed at enhancing their happiness and well-being. The treatment process unfolds differently for each client and can follow from a clinical diagnosis or from referral concerns. Each session aims to offer a unique idea or strategy and a follow-up task for children and parents to work on. 
Treatment sessions can address referral concerns including the following:
•      Anxiety Management
•      Anger Management
•      Emotional Regulation
•      Low Moods
•      Organization and Time-Management Skills
•      Oppositional Behaviors
•      Social Skill Development
•      Peer/Family Relationships
•      Parenting Challenges 

In addition, our team has extensive experience coordinating programming and providing services to clients receiving support through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD). Please contact us for further information on psychological and behavioural aide services.  

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